Monthly Archives: March 2011

B’more on Rails

So I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, and tonight I finally made it to a B’more on Rails meetup. Damn, was it worthwhile. Jeff Casimir of Jumpstart Lab gave a presentation entitled “Fat Models Aren’t Enough,” and damn if it didn’t change my opinion about the ActiveRecord scope method… and give me some awesome refactoring ideas.

One of the best funny-because-it’s-true moments of the evening was this quote in big letters on the screen:

I don’t know how much more emphasized step 1 of refactoring could be: don’t touch anything that doesn’t have coverage. Otherwise, you’re not refactoring; you’re just changing shit.

It’s a quote from this blog post, which I highly recommend. (Thanks to Jeff for tweeting me the URL while I was writing this post.)

Anyhow, It’s late, and I can’t possibly recap Jeff’s great presentation (my notes are in the other room, and I’m lazy), but if you missed it, you’re in luck: he’ll be presenting on this topic at this year’s RailsConf, May 16-19 right here in Baltimore. Definitely check it out.